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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PS3 Slim Announced!!!

Finally Sony have put an end to all the waiting and speculation with the official release of the Playstation 3 Slim at GamesCom 2009 in Germany. Sony announced that it will be 32% slimmer, 36% lighter and will consume 34% less energy than its bigger brother.
The Slim also comes with a 120GB hard drive up from the PS3’s 80GB which will no doubt be useful if you wish to use Sony’s ‘PlayStation Store Video’ section which is to be launched later in the year… Which will allow users to rent or buy feature films in SD or High Def quality.
Sony also released the pricing of their new console which will retail for £250 in the UK, €299 in Europe and $299 in the US.
The console is due to be released in beginning of September but you can see details and pre order one from Amazon here.

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